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Madasmiles is a Madagascar based tour operator since 2007. Various tours and transport throughout Madagascar can be arranged at their office which is situated in the centre of Antananarivo.

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Madasmiles has a car based in Antananarivo (Tana) or Fianarantsoa or Toamasina (Tamatave), providing transport between the following locations:

  • Tana / Andasibe / Tamatave
  • Tana / Ambositra / Fianarantsoa
  • Tana / Ankarafantsika / Majunga

Also, boat transfers along the Pangalanes Canal (between Manambato, Ankanin'ny Nofy and Tamatave in the east) and between Tamatave and Sainte Marie (3 hours by road and 1 hours by boat).

Additionally, activities that can be organised via Madasmiles include:

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The Madasmiles office can be found in a traditional Malagasy red earth house, shortly after the Ambohijatovo Park and before the Ambanidia car tunnel.

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Lot V75 Ambohijatovo

Tel: +261 32 40 264 97 / +261 34 13 515 53