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Merimandroso, also Imerimandroso can be translated with "Imerina progressing"

  • 1 of the 12 sacred hills of Imerina/Antananarivo, has a small Rova
  • 2 hours walk from Ambohimanga, located west of Ambohimanga, over hills, passing small villages, fields and river
  • good street to Ivato, about 1,5 hours by foot, taxi-brousse about 400 Ariary
  • village is surrounded by good farm land
  • Merimandroso was founded by Andrianampoinimerina during the first seven years of his reign to consolidate its positions west of Ambohimanga
  • Andrianampoinimerina created the Tsimahafotsy market
  • every Monday big market with crops, household items such as pots, cloth, shoes, smithery, wheel of fortune, people from surrounding areas meet at the market - most of them beautifully dressed, not all buy something, more social place to exchange the latest news
  • tranompokonolona - town hall
  • tsena - market, alatsinainy - Monday, or a place holding Monday markets
  • Tsena Alatsinainy Merimandroso
  • several small cinemas
  • basic medical institution
  • 21.10.2013
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