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This is a copy of Makassar's Chocolaterie Robert print brochure, illustrating Robert's chocolate production from bean to bar, with English translations from the original French version.

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“Emotions, sharing and the pleasure of discovery”

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1940: Chocolaterie Robert was founded in Tamatave by Robert from Réunion.

1948: Moving of the factory to its current site located at 472 Boulevard Ratsimandrava Ouest Ambohijanahary in Antananarivo.

1977: Full incorporation of Chocolaterie Robert by the Ramanandraibe family until today.

1999: Opening of the first La Chocolatière in the Santa Antanimena building in Antananarivo.

2006: The dark 73% chocolate “Mora Mora” produced by Chocolaterie Robert in partnership with Malagasy Ltd. won the Silver Cup at the World Chocolate Award by the Chocolate Academy.

2008: Opening of La Chocolatière boutique in the departure area at Ivato International Airport.


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Height: 15m in the wild
6m in plantations
1000 white or pinkish flowers
6 years to have fruit
25 years lifetime

1% of 1000 flowers produce fruits (cocoa pods)
Weight: 400gr to 500gr
Measuring: 15cm to 20cm

Soil humidity up to 85%
1,500 to 2,500ml of rain
Acidic soil

3 pod categories

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15% of the world production

purplish red at maturity
5% of the world production

yellow at maturity
80% of the world production

Inside a pod
grey violet, even blueish
between 25 and 75 seeds
measuring 2cm to 2.5cm

From cacao to chocolate

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Roasting → Crushing → Milling → Mixing → Grinding → Conching → Tempering → Moulding → Tapping and Cooling

The machines used by Chocolaterie Robert

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A tank
temperature of 50°C to 70°C
Produces cocoa mass

photo (top-left): Roaster

Rotary kiln
temperature of 140°C
time 35 minutes

photo (bottom-right): Crusher

About the boxes

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Our small boxes
box with 20 chocolate sweets
box with 25 chocolate sweets

Our boxes made of the bark of a banana tree
box with 26 chocolate sweets
box with 42 chocolate sweets

Chocolate selection

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Soft Caramel with combava and fleur de sel

Ginger Paste

Pavé Café
Dark Ganache with arabica coffee

Cashew nuts, candied orange peel, coconuts

Strip of candied orange peel

Ganache with dark Sambirano chocolate and Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar

Lune orange
Cashew nut paste with orange liqueur

“a ray of sunshine for the winter, offer chocolates from the tropics”

Tips for storing your Robert chocolates
For the pleasure of eye and palate, Chocolaterie Robert has selected its best sweets for you. So that your chocolates retain all their flavor, we recommend to consume the chocolate as fresh as possible and store it in a cool, dry place. For storing in a refrigerator, wrap the chocolate tightly with plastic foil to avoid condensation. Before selling, it is advisable to store chocolate at room temperature before packaging.

Chocolate bars and napolitains

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Our 5g napolitains
Napolitain Nature (cacao)
Napolitain Vanille with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar
Napolitain Combava with combava and sea salt
Napolitain Baie Rose

Our 85g chocolate bars
Dark chocolate with 73% cocoa
Dark chocolate with 68% cocoa and cocoa nibs
Dark chocolate with 64% cocoa
Dark chocolate with 61% cocoa and combava and sea salt

Our chocolates are guaranteed made with pure cocoa from Madagascar and pure cocoa butter.

Block chocolate

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Our block chocolate
Pure cocoa mass from Madagascar which preserves after roasting all the characteristics of raw Sambirano, world renowned dark chocolate with 70% cocoa from Madagascar.

“a ray of sunshine for the winter, offer chocolates from the tropics”

Special Orders

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Our articles for a wedding...

The 5g napolitains with personalised packaging can be offered to guests or to the newly wed, with 3 fragrance choices:

  • dark chocolate
  • dark chocolate with vanilla
  • dark chocolate with combava and sea salt

Individually presented or in packages of 3 to 5 napolitains.

Pure cocoa from Madagascar

Our gift boxes and chocolate sculptures for businesses.


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Cacao Tour

Leaving Ambanja, you will travel along the Sambirano River to the area where the cacao grows and where Chocolaterie Robert's supply for the factory comes from. You will share the expertise and knowledge of cacao farmers in a village.

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Day 1: Ambanja - Morafeno
Continue by canoe to Morafeno where a cacao farmer, a member of the cocoa cooperative, will be awaiting you. Lunch in the village. Discover the surroundings. Dinner and overnight stay in the village.

Day 2: Andranomandevy - Ambanja
Return by road to Ambanja.

Visit the chocolate factory

A visit to Chocolaterie Robert's factory, which is specialised in Malagasy chocolate, will support the cacao farmers as the income provided will be returned into our local farming communities. The tour takes approximately 1 hour.

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Workshop presentation at Chocolaterie Robert
You have the possibility to discover the craftsmanship of the Madagascar based Chocolaterie Robert right in the heart of Paris at Makassar Tours:

  • Chocolaterie Robert presentation
  • Virtual tour of the factory
  • Chocolate tasting

Workshop duration: 2 hours
Workshop price: 15 euros
Maximum 10 persons

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In Madagascar
Chocolaterie Robert
472 boulevard Ratsimandrava Ouest Ambohijanahary Antananarivo
Tel. (+261) 20 22 205 65 |

In Paris
Makassar Tours
60, Rue de Caumartin 75009 Paris
Tel. (+331) 53 25 15 10 | Fax: (+331) 53 25 15 15 |