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Chocolate makers using Madagascar cocoa

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'''While [[Chocolaterie Robert]], [[Cinagra|Chocolaterie Cinagra]] and [[Chocolaterie Colbert]] produce their chocolates entirely in Madagascar, various producers in other countries use pre-processed and exported Madagascan cocoa in their final products, or in cases where the . In case whole cacao beans have been are exported from Madagascar and processed further by elsewhere, the same producer, they may qualify as single origin Madagascar cocoa based be considered a bean-to-bar chocolate makersmaker of single origin Madagascan cocoa. Some brands are also produced entirely in Madagascar for export only. All known brands, whether classified they qualified as bean-to-bar or not, made in Madagascar for export onlyor elsewhere, are listed below:'''
* [[Patric Chocolate]] - a US-based micro, bean-to-bar, chocolate maker.

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