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Chocolate makers using Madagascar cocoa

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* [ VAO VAO] - a chocolate produced in Madagascar by Chocolaterie Robert and exported to the US.
* [ Sambirano] - a 70% cocoa Madagascar bar from ''Rougue Chocolatier'' in the US.
* [[J.D. Gross Madagaskar| Madagaskar& Ambanja]] - a 46% cocoa milk chocolate and a 72% limited edition dark chocolate by J.D. Gross, sold in the German supermarket chain ''Lidl''.
* [[Madanga]] - a 39% cocoa bar made by German chocolate maker ''Rausch Schokolade''.
* [[Pierre Hermé Paris]] - a 75% Madagascar cocoa chocolate sold in France.
[[File:JD Gross 008.jpg|link=J.D. Gross Madagaskar|600px]]<br>
A 72% cocoa limited edition “Madagaskar” “Ambanja” bar by [[J.D._Gross_Madagaskar|J.D. Gross]]

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