Tana Taxi Driver Richard Rakotobe

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Richard is an Antananarivo based taxi driver sporting a classic Citroën 2CV typical to many taxi drivers in the capital. He knows the city well and unlike many other taxi drivers in Madagascar he speaks English as well as Malagasy and French.

Tana Taxi Driver Richard 002.jpg

For airport transfers to or from the inner city he charges 30,000 Ariary, which in March 2011 was about 12 Euros. Richard is reliable and always on time and will wait in his car for his passengers returning from their shopping or business meetings. He has a weakness for quality chocolate, especially the dark variety from Chocolaterie Robert.

Richard can be reached on his cellphone number +261 (0)34 1100534.

Tana Taxi Driver Richard 003.jpg

As of November 2011, Richard changed to a slightly more modern Citroën (above).

Tana Taxi Driver Richard 005.jpg

In 2013, Richard changed his car back to a Citroën 2CV (above).

Taxi Driver Richard 004.jpg

Richard and his wife, May 2012 at Ambohimanga.