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This is an irregular summary of media reports and first-hand accounts by various individuals on location in Madagascar with information on the coronavirus situation in the country. Additionally, the Malagasy government broadcasts daily situation reports by radio and television from where much information here is collected.









7 March 2022: The long-awaited total reopening of the Malagasy sky after two years of airline suspensions scheduled for 5th March is not yet really effective. The re-opening of the borders also comes with old and new conditions. The sanitary measures remain unchanged. Tourists arriving at Ivato International Airport must perform a PCR test on location and stay in self-isolation until they are informed of their test result.

The reopening of Nosy Be airport to international flights is delayed again. So far there are only local flights with Tsaradia to Nosy-Be. Direct charter flights with Neos Air may be effective from April 2022.

Air Austral can serve the routes Réunion-Antananarivo-Réunion and Réunion-Tamatave-Réunion with two weekly flights. Ethiopian Airlines, Air Mauritius, Air Link and Turkish Airlines are not yet on the list.

Like the week before, the number of Covid-19 cases keeps continues to decrease. From February 22nd to March 4th, 127 new positive corona virus cases were identified in 17 regions, with Analamanga remaining the epicenter of the epidemic. Five regions recorded no cases at all (Androy, Atsimo-Atsinanana, Atsinanana, Bongolava and Sofia).

28 February 2022: The third wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Madagascar seems to get weaker. While the number of tests carried out last week increased, the number of positive cases had decreased. From February 19th to February 25th, 7671 tests were carried out identifying 209 new cases:

  • Analamanga: 135
  • SAVA: 15
  • Anosy: 11
  • Ihorombe: 11
  • Vakinankaratra: 11
  • Vatovavy and Fitovinany: 11
  • Bongolava: 08
  • DIANA: 05
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 04
  • Sophia: 04
  • Alaotra Mangoro : 02
  • Atsinanana: 02
  • Boeny: 02
  • Amoron'i Mania: 01
  • Analanjirofo: 01
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 01
  • Betsiboka: 01
  • Itasy : 01

815 patients recovered and 16 died.

With the decline of new cases, the state decided to reopen Madagascar's borders on the 5th March. Information on the conditions required for foreign airlines is still not defined. No official communication has been made till yesterday, while the reopening of the borders is supposed to take place in five days.

Departure and arrival at Ivato International Airport

20 December 2021: The Delta and Omicron variants of Covid-19 do not yet exist in Madagascar, contrary to information that has been circulating for a few days on social networks, according to the Ministry of Public Health. Director Dr Rado Razafimahatratra affirms that it is the Alpha and Beta variants which are present in the country. The Delta and Omicron variants are known for their rapid spread and rise in contamination.

The weekly report published last Saturday officially shows 16 deaths and 1,501 new confirmed cases of Covid-19. In the Analamanga region, the number of new cases doubled to 1,138 cases from December 11 to 17 compared to some 500 cases the week before. The second most affected region is the Vakinankaratra region with 143 new cases.

8,908 tests were performed, identifying 1,501 positive corona cases in the following regions:

  • Analamanga: 1,138
  • Vakinankaratra: 143
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 52
  • Vatovavy sy Fitovinany: 41
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 30
  • Diana: 20
  • Atsimo Atsinanana: 19
  • Atsinanana: 17
  • Anosy: 12
  • Melaky: 8
  • Amoron'i Mania: 7
  • Ihorombe: 5
  • Itasy: 3
  • Boeny: 3
  • Betsiboka: 2
  • Menabe: 1

13 December 2021: In the week of 4th to 10th December, 7,828 tests were performed, identifying 994 new positive corona cases of which 48 developed a severe form. In the same week, 8 people lost their live in connection with corona.

The new corona cases were detected in 17 regions:

  • Analamanga: 578
  • Vakinankaratra: 183
  • Haute Matsiatra: 98
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 30
  • Anosy: 23
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 21
  • Amoron'i Mania: 20
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 12
  • Melaky: 9
  • Atsinanana: 6
  • DIANA: 5
  • sporadic cases in Menabe, Itasy, Ihorombe, Sofia and Betsiboka region

7 December 2021: Between 27th November and 3rd December, 6,719 corona tests were performed. 470 new positive Covid-19 cases were detected, 325 alone by contact tracing. With 191 cases, the Analamanga region is again the main focus of the epidemic.

  • Analamanga: 191
  • Vakinankaratra: 114
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 98
  • Anosy: 27
  • Menabe: 9
  • Amoron'i Mania: 8
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 7
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 5
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 4
  • Sofia: 2
  • Atsinanana: 1
  • Boeny: 1
  • DIANA: 1
  • Itasy: 1

3 December 2021: Officially, the delta variant and omicron variant are not yet circulating in Madagascar. Faced with the rise of Covid-19 cases in Madagascar and the threats generated by the Omicron variant in certain African countries, Madagascar closes its air borders to South Africa, following the Council of Ministers of 1st December.

29 November 2021: For the week of 20th November to 26th November, 258 new positive corona cases were recorded. 13 people have a severe form. A total of 5,879 tests were carried out.

The following 12 regions recorded new cases for the last week:

  • Analamanga: 114
  • Vakinankaratra: 54
  • Menabe: 30
  • Anosy: 27
  • Haute Matsiatra: 23
  • SAVA: 2
  • Itasy: 2
  • Melaky: 2
  • Ihorombe: 2
  • Atsinanana: 2
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 1
  • Amoron'i Mania: 1

A new variant of the virus (B1.529) has just been detected in Southern Africa. This variant is more contagious than the delta variant. Various European countries announced that flights from South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Eswatini (Swaziland), Zimbabwe and Botswana will be suspended.

Faced with the surge in new cases of Covid-19 in Mauritius, commercial flights to and from Mauritius have been suspended since 27th November by Madagascar. Air links between Madagascar and Saudi Arabia have been suspended since 28th November by Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Health ensured that no case of coronavirus contaminated by the new B1.529 variant or delta variant is recorded in Madagascar. "The strategy of dealing with the disease remains the same for the delta variant, as well for the new variant in South Africa. Controls at the airport as well as respect for barrier gestures will be reinforced. The treatment of the disease is similar regardless of the form of Covid-19", indicates the Direction Générale de la Médecine Préventive. The vaccination strategy is reinforced with the population.

The United States of America offered an additional 398,970 doses of anti-covid vaccine to Madagascar. Delivered through the COVAX program, the Pfizer vaccine doses arrived at Ivato airport on 25th November.

24 November 2021: Since last Saturday, the Ministry of Health started officially publish statistics on the evolution of Covid-19 cases in the country. After a few months of calm, the epidemic rebounded again, especially in the region of Vakinankaratra (33 cases in Antsirabe I), Haute Matsiatra (6 cases), Menabe (4 cases), Anamalanga (1 case) and Anosy (1 case). As before, the reliability of the statistics is in doubt and the estimated number of undetected cases may be much higher.

Madagascar Coronavirus 34.jpg

Faced with the situation, the Ministry of Health is launching a campaign to remind people of barrier gestures. The looseness is indeed visible everywhere. The wearing of masks, hand washing and physical distancing are running out of steam among the population.

Since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, a total of 44,072 confirmed Covid-19 cases were recorded in Madagascar, including 43,383 cases confirmed by PCR tests. 42,802 people recovered and 967 died. The total number of tests performed is 277,849.

21 November 2021: The 9th political dialogue between the State of Madagascar and the European Union was held on 20th November 2021. Amongst the topics were the health situation and its socio-economic issues.

Avoid a third wave - this objective was affirmed by President Andry Rajoelina. The President recognised that the two Covid-19 waves had disastrous consequences on the Malagasy economy. He listed, amongst other things, job losses, or the impacts on economic sectors such as tourism and related activities such as air transport and crafts.

"We are now working on the implementation of a vast program of economic recovery and social development through an emergency multisectoral plan and a post-covid economic recovery plan", declared Andry Rajoelina. He added that the decision to reopen the borders is part of the measures taken in this direction.

The President also pointed out, that vaccination against Covid-19 is one of the measures taken to protect the population. He reported that in the current state just over 406,000 Malagasy are vaccinated (3%). The state has set a goal of 1,000,000 people being vaccinated by the end of this year. Through the COVAX initiative and the AVAT program, Madagascar has so far benefited from around 2,000,000 million doses of coronavirus vaccines. The Malagasy population can choose between Astrazeneca, Janssen and Sinopharm.

The coronavirus is reappearing in several regions of Madagascar. The situation in the Menabe region is said to be worrying. The capital Antananarivo also has active cases, in particular the Atsimondrano district, with two cases tested positive per day. Active cases are also recorded in the towns of Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa and Tolagnaro.

19 November 2021: On Wednesday, 17th November, the Council of Ministers announced that flights between Madagascar and Mauritius will be suspended, to protect the country from the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus. The last flight between the two countries will on 27th November.

Commercial flights between Madagascar and its neighbour resumed on 23rd October. The number of new corona cases has skyrocketed in Mauritius since the reopening of the borders. According to an article published on the Mauritian Express website, the country is among the top 5 African states with the highest number of new daily cases.

24 October 2021: REOUVERTURE-FRONTIERES-MADAGASCAR-OCT-21.pdf - Gradual and secure reopening of Madagascar's borders

7 June 2021: The latest published numbers show 59 new positive coronavirus cases and 2 deaths for June 5. The positive cases were identified in the following regions:

  • Analamanga: 37
  • Atsinanana: 11
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 3
  • Vakinankaratra: 2
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 2
  • Itasy: 2
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 1
  • Sofia: 1

The state of health emergency still applies to the country, but the rules have been revised. Markets are open again and taxi-brousses can transport passengers on national and regional lines.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Madagascar is far from being a success. As of June 2, only 30,000 of the 250,000 vaccine doses which arrived the second week of May were used. There are more than 200,000 doses still available, which will have to be destroyed if not used before June 18. The Ministry of Public Health has therefore decided to extend vaccination to a wider public. Now everybody over 18 can be vaccinated.

23 April 2021: 477 new positive coronavirus cases and 10 Covid-19 related deaths were recorded on April 21. Among the 1,264 tested people, positive cases could be identified in following regions:

  • Analamanga: 335
  • Bongolava: 34
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 29
  • Sofia: 19
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 14
  • Itasy: 12
  • DIANA: 9
  • Atsimo Atsinanana: 8
  • Ihorombe: 7
  • Manabe: 3
  • Anosy: 3
  • Atsinanana: 2
  • Amorin'i Mania: 2

Madagascar finally joined the Covax program to start vaccination against Covid-19. According to the Minister of Public Health, vaccines under the Covax should be available in Madagascar by mid-July. The four vaccines that will be adopted by the country are AstraZeneca (India), Pfizer-Bionetech, Sinopharm (Chinese) and Johnson & Johnson (American).

The Malagasy air borders are closed again. Madagascar will no longer welcome passengers from abroad regardless of their origin. The government has taken this step in order to prevent Covid-19 variants circulating around the world from entering Madagascar. After the suspension of international flights to Madagascar at the end of March, no other passenger transport from abroad will be authorised. Private flights, tourist flights to Nosy Be as well as domestic flights to some regions are suspended. Regarding repatriation flights performed by Air France between Antananarivo - Paris - Antananarivo, planes should return back empty to Madagascar as was already the case last year.

8 April 2021: 253 new cases out of 680 performed tests were recorded on April 6. That is a positivity rate of 37.2%. Seven corona related deaths occured on the same day in Madagascar.

In the capital Antananarivo, patients are invading hospitals and Covid-19 treatment centres (CTC). All hospitals and CTCs are overcrowded and patients have to wait hours to see a doctor, not to mention the difficulties of getting a free bed or oxygen. Patients are often placed shoulder to shoulder, barely one metre apart, even the hallways are filled with sick people.

Last Saturday, President Andry Rajoelina spoke in particular about Covid-19 and the health measures that would be put in place to stem its spread. For now, Madagascar chooses not to resume containment. But Rajoelina does not rule out a return to Fihibohana if the pandemic continues to gain ground. "We could see during the first wave of the pandemic that total containment is unbearable for the economy and households. Everyone must take their responsibilities and must be aware of the difficulties this could cause. In order to avoid a new confinement, I encourage you to respect the sanitary measures", he hammered. For the moment, the President continues to prioritise the awareness campaign and recalls that this new South African variant is very dangerous and very deadly. In two weeks, 2,953 new cases and 104 deaths caused by Covid-19 have been recorded in Madagascar. This South African variant affects all age groups. The majority of serious cases treated in hospitals are between 30 and 50 years old.

To limit the spread of the virus, all public and private schools as well as universities are closed for two weeks. The closure of three other regions, other than Nosy Be and Boeny which have already been closed for two weeks, has also been decided. These are Analamanga, Antsinanana and SAVA. In addition, the curfew is back in these 5 regions from 9pm to 4am. Andry Rajoelina announced a new application of community service as a sanction for those who do not respect the wearing of masks and barrier gestures.

For the moment, all sectors, both public and private, are allowed to continue their activities. The restaurants remain open but are only allowed to receive half of their capacity. Bars, karaoke bars and nightclubs are closed. With regard to transport, the national zones connecting the other cities to the Analamanga, Boeny, Antsinanana, SAVA and Nosy-Be regions are suspended from this day. On the other hand, Taxi-Be and urban transport are authorised to continue their work in strict compliance with barrier gestures and the ban on the use of folding seats. The transport of goods continues but with a strict condition: the number of people accompanying the vehicle is limited to three - the driver, the assistant driver and the owner of the transported goods.

For the moment, external flights from Nosy Be remain suspended. However, Tsaradia is authorised to serve domestic flights in regions not affected by the closure. Passengers must present a PCR test result upon boarding. In churches and mosques, gatherings of more than 100 people are prohibited. Also, sporting events must take place in the open air and without a spectator.

New confirmed cases listed by regions:

  • Analamanga: 160
  • Vakinankaratra: 20
  • Sofia: 16
  • Melaky: 14
  • DIANA: 11
  • Analanjirofo: 9
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 5
  • Alaotro Mangoro: 5
  • Ihorombe: 4
  • Anosy: 3
  • Haute Matsiatra: 2
  • Menabe: 1
  • Itasy: 1

24 March 2021: 66 new confirmed cases and 6 corona related deaths were reported alone for March 22. With 52 new cases in one day, Anamalanga still has the highest number of new infections. The number of active cases all over Madagascar almost doubled within a week.

The French Embassy announced a repatriation flight to Réunion island scheduled for 31st March. The flight will be operated by Air Madagascar. The flight is reserved for French nationals, French spouses and students. Nationals of other countries, holders of a valid passport, a residence permit or long-stay visa for Réunion or Mayotte can also take this flight.

15 March 2021: The number of new positive coronavirus cases is alarmingly increasing. As reported by the Ministry of Public Health, nearly 100 new cases are discovered every day. In the 15 days from February 27 to March 13, 1,327 new Covid-19 cases were identified through 5,800 tests performed. In the same time period, 29 corona related deaths were reported.

The Anamalange region, especially Antananarivo, remains the epicentre of the epidemic. Other regions most affected are DIANA in the north, Boeny in the west and Atsinanana in the east. The resurgence of the virus coincides in particular with the various demonstrations and official events organised in recent days.

From today on, a daily report of the Covid-19 situation in the country will be broadcasted on Malagasy National Television (TVM).

9 March 2021: The Ministry of Health is lagging behind providing an up-to-date report on the coronavirus in the country. The latest published numbers refer to the time period from February 20 to 26, in which 2,449 tests were performed, identifying 324 new coronavirus cases. There were 3 new deaths related to the virus.

New confirmed cases listed by regions:

  • Analamanga: 194
  • DIANA: 42
  • Atsinanana: 22
  • Boeny: 14
  • Vakinankaratra: 14
  • Menabe: 12
  • Analanjirofo: 8
  • Amoron'Imania: 6
  • Atsimo andrefana: 5
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 4
  • SAVA: 2
  • Ihorombe: 1

17 February 2021: During the last week, the number of positive coronavirus cases slightly went down whilst the number of deaths increased. 238 confirmed cases and 7 deaths were recorded.

New confirmed cases listed by regions:

  • Analamanga: 139
  • Atsinanana: 33
  • Menabe: 26
  • Anosy: 10
  • Vakinankaratra: 7
  • Atsimo andrefana: 5
  • Analanjirofo: 5
  • Boeny: 4
  • DIANA: 3
  • Amoron’Imania: 2
  • Ihorombe: 2
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 1
  • Unidentified: 1

Deaths per region:

  • Analamanga: 3
  • Vakinankaratra: 2
  • Analanjirofo: 1
  • Matsiatra Ambony: 1

In Madagascar, 116,740 tests were performed since the start of the pandemic early 2020.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) donated medical equipment and supplies to the Ministry of Health, including ten oxygen concentrators, 50,000 FFP2 masks, 36,000 PCR tests, 2,000 blouses and 1,000 gloves.

The suspension of all Air Madagascar international commercial flights (long courier and regional) is extended until 31 March 2021. Repatriation flights and freight flights are not affected.

The Madagascar Civil Aviation authority (Aviation Civile de Madagascar) updated the list of countries from which passengers are not allowed to embark to Madagascar. The list includes the following 44 countries: Africa - South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe. North America - Canada, United States. Latin America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama Peru, Uruguay. Asia - Bangladesh, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines. Europe - Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine. Oceania - Australia.

Trying to avoid the travel ban by entering Madagascar coming from a non-listed country will not work. The Malagasy government announced they will penalise the airline that brings anyone to Madagascar who started their voyage from one of the banned countries, and the person will be removed from Madagascar at the cost of the airline.

As before, only the island of Nosy Be in the north of Madagascar remains open for tourism. Holiday makers can enjoy Nosy Be and its surrounding islands, are however not allowed to enter the main island.

8 February 2021: The number of new positive coronavirus cases in Madagascar is slowly decreasing. In the week of January 30 to February 5, 4 deaths and 295 new cases were confirmed. The deaths occurred in the Anamalanga region (3) and in the Haute Matsiatra region (1). 2,596 tests were performed in the thirteen regions of the country, bringing the positivity rate down to 11.36%. Most of the new positive cases were identified in the Anamalanga region (37), followed by Atsinanana (52), Matsiatra Ambony (18), Vakinankaratra (18), Menabe (17), Vatovavy Fitovinany (7), Boeny (2), Analanjirofo (2), Itasy (2), Atsimo Andrefana (2), Ihorombe (1), SAVA (1). There was also one imported case.

1 February 2021: 2 deaths and 322 new coronaviurs cases were reported during the week of January 23 to 29. The Analamanga region remains the main focus of the epidemic in Madagascar. The number of patients who develop the severe form of Covid-19 is on the rise in the capital. It went from 17 to 28 within one week in the hospitals of Antananarivo. Across Madagascar, 42 patients are suffering from the severe form. The new positive cases were identified in following regions:

  • Analamanga: 156
  • Haute Matsiatra: 45
  • Atsinanana: 33
  • Amoron’i Mania: 25
  • Menabe: 22
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 11
  • DIANA: 8
  • Vakinankaratra: 4
  • Boeny: 4
  • Anosy: 4
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 3
  • SAVA: 2
  • Analanjirofo: 1
  • There were also 4 imported cases.

Madagascar Coronavirus 32.jpg

25 January 2021: 442 new coronavirus cases and 3 Covid-19 related deaths were reported for the last week (16th to 22nd January). The new cases are located in the following 12 regions: Analamanga (252), Haute Matsiatra (60), Atsinanana (55), Amoron’i Mania (31), Vakinankaratra (12), Analanjirofo (3), Vatovavy Fitovinany (3), Atsimo-Andrefana (11), Boeny (6), Menabe (4), Anosy (2), SAVA (2). There is also one imported case. These deaths were recorded in Analamanga (3), Vakinankaratra (2) and Haute Matsiatra (1).

The Ministry of Public Health has announced that this increase in new positive cases was predictable after the end of year celebrations, during which the barrier gestures were strongly ignored.

18 January 2021: 300 new confirmed cases and 6 additional deaths linked to Covid-19 during the last week (January 9 to 15) - the numbers are rising compared to a week ago.

The Analamanga region remains the main focus of the epidemic with 183 new cases and 1 death. The number of confirmed cases has almost doubled from the first week of this year. The Matsiatra Ambony region (31 cases and 4 deaths), Vatovavy Fitovinany region (18 cases) and Boeny region (16 cases) are among those with the highest number of recorded cases. Other affected regions are Atsimo-Andrefana (11 cases), Vakinakaratra (9 cases), Analanjirofo (8 cases), Menabe (6 cases), DIANA (6 cases), SAVA (1 case), Amoron'i Mania (1 case). The 6th death this week was reported in the Alaotra Mangoro region (2 cases).

The new report from the Ministry of Public Health also reveals the existence of an imported case. The Civil Aviation of Madagascar has decided to close the Malagasy air borders to other countries deemed to be at risk in terms of health. The list drawn up shows 44 countries where passengers are prohibited from boarding for Madagascar: 17 European countries, 7 African countries, 10 on the American continent and 9 countries in Asia. In addition, international flights (including private flights) departing and arriving at Ivato airport remain prohibited. Medical evacuation flights must be subject to prior authorisation. Only Nosy Be international airport can accommodate international flights under certain conditions. Traveling outside the geographical area of Nosy Be, with the exception of the neighbouring islands, is prohibited for tourists. Regional freight flights remain the same as before.

17 January 2021: Contamination seems to increase after the end of the year holidays and may be a result of loosening the respect of barrier gestures, physical distancing and compulsory mask wearing. During the week of January 2 to 8, 5 deaths and 234 new coronavirus cases were reported, compared to 1 death and 53 new cases the week before from December 28 to January 1. The reported positive cases are located in Antananarivo (93) and following regions: Boeny (48), Matsiatra Ambony (25), Analanjirofo (16), Amoron'i Mania (16), Vatovavy Fitovinany (11), Menabe (11), DIANA (2), Atsimo Andrefana (2), Vakinankaratra (9).

The Ministry of Public Health has announced the reopening of the Covid-19 treatment centre in Andohatapenaka. People showing symptoms and possible contact cases can perform a PCR test there.

According to Pr Jean Louis Rakotovao, Minister of Public Health, the spread of the Covid-19 virus is still under control. He did not discuss the issues of vaccination against Covid-19. The authorities have already excluded the use of these vaccines on Malagasy soil and prefer to rely on Covid-Organics (CVO).

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the poorest countries will start receiving their first doses of vaccines between the end of January and mid-February as part of the international Covax program. This program aims to provide enough doses to immunise 20% of the population in each of the participating countries by the end of the year. For the moment, Madagascar has not requested to benefit from the Covax facility.

In Antananarivo, the police counted 1,290 people punished over the past two days for not wearing a mask. The latter were called to order and subjected to community service, namely the cleaning of roads and public gardens.

Madagascar tribune / Photo Polisim-pirenena Malagasy

21 December 2020: 46 new positive coronavirus cases were identified in the week from 11th December to 18th December. Among the 13 regions affected by the coronavirus, the Analamanga region holds with 25 the highest number of new cases. The remaining new positive cases are located in Vakinakaratra (2), Bongolava (1), Itasy (1), Matsiatra Ambony (4), Menabe (2) and DIANA (11).

155 new healings were reported for the concerned 13 regions: Analamanga (50), DIANA (82), SAVA (7), Menabe (1), Atsimo Andrefana (1), Boeny (3), Ihorombe (1), Vatovavy Fitovinany (1), Matsiatra Ambony (6), Bongolava (2), Antsiranana (2).

Each new detected case will no longer be taken care of at home. Just as at the start of the confinement, positive cases will directly be hospitalised in order to limit the spread of the disease and people who were in contact with the patient are sought.

17 November 2020: Although the cases of contamination are not as high as a few months ago, the coronavirus continues to progress slowly in the Analamanga region. During the week from 8th November to 13th November, 87 new positive cases were recorded throughout the country, of which 37 are located in the Analamange region. Altogether, the number of contaminations increased compared to that of the previous week by 17 positive cases.

The new positive cases were identified in following regions:

  • Analamanga: 37
  • Haute-Matsiatra: 24
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 8
  • DIANA: 4
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 4
  • Vakinankaratra: 2
  • Boeny: 2
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 2
  • Itasy: 1
  • SAVA: 1
  • Amoron'i Mania: 1
  • Menabe: 1

The Minister of Public Health, Professor Hanitrala Jean-Louis Rakotovao, called last week for the respect of barrier gestures: "The fight against Covid-19 continues until the total eradication of this disease, ... which depends on the behaviour of everyone." People were reminded to wear a mask, practise physical distancing and regularly wash their hands.

As Madagascar is home to 12,000 species of plants, amongst which are many medicinal plants, the Malagasy people trust in the power of natural plant-based treatments. Dr Jean Claude Ratsimivony, CEO and founder of the JCR Group, has over many years developed treatments to strengthen the immune system. Currently, JCR's immune-strengthening medicinal plant extracts are researched and tested in the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Germany, to prove a possible positive effect in fighting Covid-19.

Air Austral announced it resumption of its regional flights between Réunion and Madagascar from the 1st December. Two flights per week are planned between Réunion and Toamasina and between Réunion and Nosy Be. One flight a week will fly between Réunion and Tulear / Fort Dauphin.

The suspension of all Air Madagascar international commercial flights (long-haul and regional) is extended until 31st December 2020.

9 November 2020: In the week of 31st October to 7th November, 122 new coronavirus cases and 5 new corona related deaths were recorded in Madagascar. 2,495 PCR and GeneXpert tests were performed, with a positivity rate of 4.88%. 17 of the new positive cases were imported from abroad, coming on authorised flights including the last repatriation flight of Malagasy nationals on 31st October.

The new contaminations are located in the following regions:

  • Haute-Matsiatra: 20
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 19
  • Analamanga: 17
  • DIANA: 11
  • SAVA: 10
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 8
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 5
  • Anosy: 4
  • Vakinankaratra: 3
  • Atsinanana: 3
  • Menabe: 2
  • Boeny: 2
  • Ihorombe: 1
  • (Imported cases: 17)

Due to the increasing Covid-19 cases worldwide and also on Réunion, Air Austral has stopped all flights between Réunion and Nosy Be.

STOPEO NY CORONA (Malagasy artists sing together to fight Covid-19)

20 October 2020: Between 10th and 16th October, 131 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Madagascar:

  • Diana: 31
  • Analamanga: 22
  • Sava: 8
  • Menabe: 8
  • Vatovavy Fitovinany: 8
  • Haute-Matsiatra: 7
  • Atsimo Andrefana: 6
  • Alaotra Mangoro: 6
  • Melaky: 5
  • Vakinankaratra: 4
  • Amoron'i Mania: 2
  • Anôsy: 2
  • Atsinanana: 1
  • Boeny: 1
  • the locations of the remaining 20 cases were not publicised

One death linked to the coronavirus was reported for the same week.

Throughout his tv speech on Sunday, President Andry Rajoelina announced the lifting of the health emergency, which lasted 6 months and 26 days. Finally, the country can return to an almost normal life, still with some reservations necessitated by vigilance, such as the closure of the borders with the exception of the international airport on Nosy Be. Rajoelina declared that due to the second Covid-19 wave in many countries of the world, especially in Europe, regional flights to other countries of the Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros) will be suspended from 29th October. The last repatriation flight of nationals still stranded in foreign countries is limited until 1st November. Air Madagascar, which has already established a restricted program of repatriation flights, can still provide these flights for a few more weeks.

Rajoelina also indicated that safety measures remain to be respected, which include wearing a mask, keeping social distancing, washing hands with soap or disinfectant gel. He also pointed out that any gathering of more than 200 people is still prohibited to prevent the second wave of the viral disease.

6 October 2020: 12 new cases of coronavirus and 1 death were reported yesterday. The new positive cases are located in the following regions: Analamanga (3), SAVA (3), DIANA (3) and Vakinankaratra (1). 2 cases were among the passengers who landed on Nosy Be. Overall, the cure rate has clearly increased over the last days with 94% of individuals carrying the virus confirmed to be cured. These figures seem to explain why the government has decided to reduce health measures for the umpteenth time. The state of health emergency is extended but the curfew is lifted. Today, among the recommended barrier gestures, only the wearing of a mask is still encouraged. Sports matches will be authorised, but the number of spectators should not exceed 200 people. The next local match of the national football team will then be open to the public. Cultural events, parties and shows could continue while rigorously respecting barrier gestures and social distancing. However, according to Andry Rajoelina, famadihana remains banned throughout the country.

2 October 2020: Yesterday, 46 positive coronavirus cases were detected out of 282 performed tests. The new positive cases are located in 11 regions, among them 9 in Alaotra Mangoro and 15 in Antsiranana. Overall, the number of recovered patients is increasing.

Photo from L'Express

Nosy Be welcomed the first international tourists to Madagascar since the shutdown of the sky. The tourists arrived with Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa and are mostly regular visitors to the perfume island.

21 September 2020: Over the last weekend, 6 deaths, 82 new cases and 59 healings were reported. Analamanga shows the strongest progression of new cases (51), followed by Alaotra Mangoro (10), Sava (7), Vatovavy Fitovinany (6), Haute Matsiatra (5), Itasy (1), Boeny (1) and Diana (1).

After a drop in positive coronavirus cases in Antsiranana, the national road RN6 will now also open for passenger transport from 26th September 2020. The RN6 was the only national road not able to fully open a fortnight ago, when the number of COVID-19 cases in Antsiranana reached its peak.

As announced by President Rajoelina 14 days ago, a gradual reopening of the skies of Madagascar was confirmed by the Prime Minister yesterday. In addition to the resumption of international flights to Nosy Be from 1st October, the regional airports of Antsiranana, Toamasina, Taolagnaro and Toliara will be open to flights performed by Tsaradia from the islands of the Indian Ocean from the 29th October. The domestic airlines connecting Antananarivo and the former province of Antsiranana will reopen from 26th September. The Sava and Diana regions, where contaminations had a small rebound, will remain suspended from flights despite the opening of all regional and national lines in the country. Antananarivo airport remains closed to international and regional flights.

1 September 2020: There is a decrease in the number of people being tested to identify those infected by the coronavirus, partly due to the fact that there aren't enough test kids available to the general public. Testing tends to be limited to hospitals in regional cities. Out of the 209 tests carried out yesterday, 20 people were diagnosed positive. Currently, there are 836 active cases in Madagascar. 1 coronavirus related death was reported yesterday.

29 August 2020: The latest 503 coronavirus tests identified 104 new cases of COVID-19. The cases are located in the following regions: 50 in Analamanga, 19 in SAVA (13 in Sambava), 12 in Vakinankaratra (all in Antsirabe), 10 in Sofia, 4 in Boeny, 3 in DIANA, 2 in Menabe, 2 in Haute Matsiatra, 1 in Alaotra Mangoro and 1 in Anosy. Sadly, also 3 deaths were reported (2 in the Anamalanga region and 1 in the DIANA region). In total, there are 14,696 identified coronavirus cases in Madagascar since the beginning of the pandemic in March. As of today, 800 people are currently under treatment and 187 died due to the virus.

According to Judicael Ramangalaza, mayor of Sambava, the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases in the so far spared SAVA region can be explained by the increased flow of vanilla buyers coming from infected localities to Sambava.

24 August 2020: In the Anamalanga region, the number of newly by the coronavirus infected people goes down. However, the virus is spreading in other regions of the country, among them two locations which reported their first case of COVID-19 (Mandoto in the Vakinankaratra region and Ambatofinandrahana in the Amoron'i Mania region). As of yesterday, 50 new cases of coronavirus were identified, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 14,327. In the last two days, no deaths linked to the coronavirus were reported.

In his Sunday tv speech, President Andry Rajoelina announced that public transport and domestic flights will resume their services but under conditions. Public transport in the city of Antananarivo and surroundings can run until 8pm. Strict sanitary arrangements must be followed, such as the use of disinfectant gel, wearing a mask and daily disinfection of the vehicle. The use of folding seats remains prohibited. A gradual resumption of national lines leaving from Antananarivo was also announced by the President. "The total reopening of national areas will depend on the evolution of the pandemic in the capital in the next fifteen days."

Flights connecting Antananarivo and Sambava, Antsiranana, Toalagnaro, Toliara, Nosy Be, Mahajanga, Sainte Marie, Maroantsetra and Morondava will resume from 1st September. All passengers must undergo a PCR screening test 48 hours before take-off and must present a negative result certificate before boarding.

Madagascar Coronavirus 028.jpg

13 August 2020: 215 PCR tests and 185 geneXpert tests identified 80 new coronavirus cases in Madagascar, of which 27 are located in the Anamalanga region, 24 in Alaotra Mangoro (all in Ambatondrazaka), 8 in Diana, 7 in Haute Matsiatra, 6 in Boeny, 2 in Sofia (1 Antsohihy and 1 in Port Bergé), 2 in Androy, 2 in SAVA (all in Sambava), 8 in DIANA (2 in Ambanja and 6 in Antsiranana), 1 each in Atsinanana and Atsimo Andrefana. Furthermore, 4 deaths were reported.

12 August 2020: 115 new postitive cases of coronavirus, 265 recoveries and one death as of yesterday. It's the first time, that the number of new cases dropped below the 50 mark. 43 of the 115 new cases are located in the Anamalanga region. The remaining are located in the following regions: 29 in Vakinankaratra (including 27 in Antsirabe, 1 in Betafo and 1 in Antanifotsy), 1 in Itasy (Miarinarivo), 1 in Atsinanana, 14 in Alaotra Mangoro (all in Ambatondrazaka), 3 in Amoron'i Mania (all in Ambositra), 10 in Boeny, 1 in Sofia (Antsohihy), 10 in Atsimo-Andrefana, 3 in Anosy (including 2 in Tsihombe and 1 in Amboasary Atsimo). The 1 COVID-19 related death occured in Anamalanga. As of today, 11,276 people have already recovered from COVID-19 since the start of the epidemic. A total of 49,742 PCR tests 3,798 geneXpert tests were performed.

After long months of waiting, Andry Rajoelina finally announced the start of repatriation flights last Sunday. 1,600 Malagasy nationals are stranded around the world for now more than four months because of the border closures due to the coronavirus. At least two repatriation flights are planned in Europe. The list of repatriates in priority will be established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The returnees have to undergo a series of measures, like the presentation of a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before boarding. In Madagascar, the returnees have to go into isolation of maximum four days pending the result of the second test which is required on arrival.

Madagascar Coronavirus 029.jpg

10 August 2020: According to president Andry Rajoelina, the Anamalanga region is in the stabilisation phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last days, the Anamalanga region shows a decrease in contamination. The districts of Toamasina I and Toamasina II in the Atsinanana region already passed the peak. On the other hand, the Boeny, Itasy, Bongolava, Haute-Matsiatra, Betsiboka, Alaotra-Mangoro and Atsimo-Andrefana regions face a recrudescence or outbreak of the pandemic.

During his speech, Andry Rajoelina defended the COVID-Organics, an artemisia-based remedy which is strongly promoted by the Head of State: "It is thanks to the massive distribution of COVID-Organics herbal tea throughout the country that we have a low case fatality rate."

Due to the lower coronavirus cases in the Anamalanga and Alaotra Mangoro region, the rules of confinement will be loosened. Working hours are extended until 5pm for public and private sectors. Civil servants except those considered to be at risk must return to their post. The curfew is maintained between 9pm and 4am. Any gathering of more than 50 people is still prohibited and places of cultural or sporting events remain closed. Wearing a protective mask is still compulsory and offenders will be penalised. The schedule for national exams is maintained but schools remain closed. Public transport remains suspended, as does the transport of dead bodies outside the Analamanga region. Domestic air flights are still suspended. Entry and exit from Analamanga remain prohibited. Health roadblocks will be replaced by security barriers where only the gendarmes will ensure controls. No doctor will be present at the roadblocks anymore.

In the districts of Toamasina I, all partial deconfinement measures have been lifted and the return to normal is announced.

Over the weekend, 13 deaths, 378 new coronavirus cases and 404 recoveries were reported.

8 August 2020: 1 new death was recorded yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths related to COVID-19 to 135. There were also 182 new positive coronavirus cases reported in Madagascar. The new cases are located mainly in Analamanga (141) as well as in 9 other regions: 2 in Itasy (Soavinandriana), 1 in Atsinanana, 2 in Amoron'i Mania (Ambositra), 8 in Ihorombe, 6 in Boeny, 2 in Betsiboka (Maevatanana), 1 in Sofia, 7 in Atsimo-Andrefana (Toliara) and 3 in Menabe (Morondava). In total, 12,708 COVID-19 cases were confirmed by testing, of which 2,161 are active cases. The total number of healings is 10,412, at a cure rate of 80.5%.

5 August 2020: The Analamanga region still remains the epicenter of the epidemic, although coronavirus is spreading to 20 other regions of the country. Out of the 235 cases confirmed last Monday, 185 were recorded in Analamanga. The Melaky region (central west Madagascar) remains the only region not yet affected by COVID-19.

31 July 2020: 120 new positive coronavirus cases, 346 recoveries and 1 death. Most of the new cases are located in Analamanga with 77 cases identified in this region. 20 cases were identified in Tsiroanomandidy, Bongolava region, 20 in the DIANA region (2 in Antsiranana, 1 on Nosy Be), 1 in Toamasina, Atsinanana region, 7 in Fianarantsoa, ​​Haute Matsiatra region, 11 in Ambatondrazaka, Alaotra Mangoro region and 1 in Manakara, Vatovavy Fitovinany region. To date, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Madagascar since the start of the epidemic is 10,868, including 2,955 active cases under treatment. A total of 41,194 PCR tests and 2,723 geneXpert tests were performed.

56 cases of coronavirus contamination were reported in 3 prisons. Due to the overcrowding of Malagasy prisons, this number may rise quickly. Currently, there are 28,000 people detained in all the prisons throughout the country, whilst the capacity should not exceed 11,000.

Air Madagascar extents flight suspension again for another month until 31st August 2020. This includes long-haul and regional flights to and from Madagascar:

  • Antananarivo - Mauritius - Antananarivo
  • Antananarivo - La Réunion - Antananarivo
  • Antananarivo - Dzaoudzi - Moroni - Antananarivo
  • Toamasina - La Réunion - Toamasina
  • Sainte Marie - La Réunion - Sainte Marie
  • Toliara - Taolagnaro - La Réunion - Toliara
  • Antananarivo - Paris - Antananarivo
  • Antananarivo - Marseille - Antananarivo
  • Antananarivo - Guangzhou - Antananarivo

25 July 2020: The number of new coronavirus cases is still rising. Yesterday, there were 360 ​​new cases, of which 321 are located in Analamanga, 5 in Itasy, 14 in Mahajanga, 11 in Haute Matsiatra, 3 in Atsimo-Andrefana, 2 in Atsinanana, 1 each in Mandritsara, Antsohihy and Port-Bergé and 1 at an unknown location. There were 362 healings and 6 deaths. The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is 8,741, of which 3,143 are currently active. A total of 36,776 tests has been carried out between 19th March and 23rd July 2020.

24 July 2020: 419 cures, 219 new cases and 1 death were announced yesterday. The Centre de Commandement Opérationnel (CCO) reported 148 new cases located in Analamanga, 29 in Vakinankaratra, 14 in Haute Matsiatra, 2 in Atsimo Andrefana, 1 in Toamasina, 1 in Mahanoro, 1 in Vavatenina, 2 in Antsiranana, 1 in Nosy-Be, 5 in Mahajanga, 1 in the Sofia region and 14 with unknown location. A total of 8,381 cases have been confirmed in Madagascar.

Madagascar Coronavirus 020.jpg
Madagascar Coronavirus 023.jpg Madagascar Coronavirus 024.jpg Madagascar Coronavirus 021.jpg

21 July 2020: Although the numbers of positive coronavirus cases dropped slightly yesterday, the pandemic seems to have not reached its peak yet. There were 104 new cases yesterday, of which 71 are located in Analamanga and 33 in Boeny. The Boeny region is now also in confinement. 290 patients were announced recovered yesterday. Sadly, 3 deaths were also reported, bringing the total number to 62.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Madagascar is 7,153. However, that number only includes patients having performed a test. The estimated number of unreported cases is surely much higher. Not every person feeling sick can/will undergo a test. On the other hand, basic health centres were told to immediately start treatment on patients showing coronavirus symptoms, regardless if they were tested or not. The number of tests carried out since the start of the epidemic in March is 33,118.

20 July 2020: According to the latest official statistics, the Analamanga region is with 5,491 confirmed cases currently the hotspot of COVID-19 in Madagascar, followed by the Atsinanana region with 841 recorded cases, the Alaotra-Mangoro region with 212 positive cases and the Analanjirofo region with 104 positive cases. 19 out of 22 regions and 48 out of 119 districts are affected by the epidemic.

Statistic from Madagaskar Tribune

COVID-19 contaminations in the 19 regions:

  • Analamanga: 5,491
  • Atsinanana: 841
  • Alaotra-Mangoro: 212
  • Analanjirofo: 104
  • Diana: 57
  • Anosy: 56
  • Vakinankaratra: 56
  • Atsimo-Andrefana: 55
  • Boeny: 51
  • Upper Matsiatra: 46
  • Itasy: 30
  • Vatovavy-Fitovinany: 12
  • Bongolava: 10
  • SAVA: 7
  • Betsiboka: 6
  • Ihorombe: 5
  • Menabe: 4
  • Sofia: 4
  • Amoron'i Mania: 2

16 July 2020: 4 new deaths, 262 new cases including 205 in Analamanga. That's a total of 5,605 coronavirus cases since the start of the crisis in March. There are 2 new confirmed cases in the Atsinanana region, 15 in Mahajanga (west), 2 in Maevatanana (west), 13 in the Anosy region (south), 5 in Matsiatra (south), 2 in Ifanadiana (south), 4 in Vakinankaratra (south). 3 deaths were reported in Analamanga and 1 in the Ambanja district.

3 July 2020: Air Madagascar extents flight suspension for another month until 31st July 2020. Madagascar's national airline maintains the ban on regular flights entering or leaving the island, both for long-haul and regional flights. The affected flights concern connections between Antananarivo and Paris, Marseille, Guangzhou, Dzaoudzi and Moroni. As well as Toamasina - La Réunion, Sainte Marie - La Réunion and Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) - La Réunion - Tulear.

Covid Organics for sale at Pharmacie Centrale, Sambava

100 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 among 167 tests were reported yesterday. Only 56 locations of the infected people were communicated. 52 in Antananarivo, 1 in the Analanjirofo region, 1 in Ambatondrazaka (Alaotra Mangoro region), 1 in Ambositra (Amoron'i Mania region) and 1 in Ivongo Fianarantsoa (Haute Matsiatra region). The locations of the remaining 44 cases were not yet available, according to a spokesperson of Centre de Commandement Opérationnel (CCO). In addition, there are 2 new deaths and 34 healings.

Tuktuk driver in Antalaha

2 July 2020: As of yesterday, 2 new deaths and 89 new cases of COVID-19 in Madagascar. 88 of the infected persons are located in Antananarivo and 1 in Vohipeno, making the capital the epicenter of the virus over the last weeks. However, the rising number may also be a result of more tests being performed. In total, there are 2,303 confirmed cases with 1,275 active at the moment. The number of recovered patients is currently 1,006.

Professor Lalatiana Andriamanarivo, former Minister of Public Health, announced on his facebook page that he has been tested positive for the coronavirus. He explains his decision to testify with following words: "I am giving this testimony today because I contracted the virus in the performance of my duties (as a health worker). I did the COVID-19 test and the result is positive." He added, that currently many health workers on the front line are due to their close contact to the patients affected by COVID-19. He stresses, that it is an absolute need to protect oneself as much as possible.

1 July 2020: The coronavirus is spreading in the Analamanga region. Of the 76 new cases, 75 come from Antananarivo and one from Toamasina. There is a total of 2,214 detected coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the pandemic in Madagascar. 994 persons are healed and 1,200 are still on treatment.

Coronavirus statistic 2.jpg

30 June 2020: The curve of the severe form of coronavirus is rising. Alone yesterday, 24 new serious forms were announced, bringing the total number to 48. Most patients are in fact people classified as vulnerable due to their age and/or state of health. Unfortunately, 2 more people lost their battle against the virus, bringing the number to 20.

60 new COVID-19 cases were identified in Madagascar yesterday. 49 of them are located in Antananarivo and 11 in Moramanga. 22 healings have been announced, including 9 in Toamasina and 13 in Antananarivo. The total number of confirmed cases is 2,138. There are currently 1,152 active cases and 966 recoveries. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 21,444 tests were performed.

In his TV speech on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Ntsay Christian announced the strengthening of controls and sanctions against the stubborn with the help of the police.

More than a hundred people were arrested yesterday. 78 of them are taxi-be drivers and passengers who did not respect the rules, in particular the non-use of the folding seats and the wearing of a mask. During the morning, 43 vehicles were impounded in Antananarivo alone and 70 mainly pedestrians were arrested by the police for not wearing a mask. They all had to do several hours of community service.

Wearing a mask: in Madagascar, offenders subject to sweeping
Video from africanews, 29th April 2020

29 June 2020: With the death of 2 infected people yesterday, the number of coronavirus victims rose to 18 in Madagascar. There are no further details known about the location or possible former health issues of the deceased. Besides, 73 new cases have been reported, among them 66 are located in Antananarivo, 1 in the SAVA region (or more specifically in the Sambava district), 3 in the Vakinankaratra region (Antsirabe) and 3 in the Analanjirofo region. In total, the number of confirmed cases exceeded the 2,000 bar during the weekend. Indeed, there is a total of 2,078 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Madagascar. Currently, 1,117 people are still in the process of treatment while 944 people are already cured.

The Chambre de Commerce Chine-Afrique de Wenzhou (CCCAW) supports Madagascar in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. In particular, CCCAW donated 150,000 surgical masks and 1,000 protective suits. A representative of the CCCAW said, this is only the first delivery and more donations are already being prepared.

As a result of the rapidly rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country, Madagascar extended for the eighth time the state of emergency for a new period of fifteen days. At the moment, the epicenter of the pandemic is Antananarivo. The police will organise themselves to enforce the provisions intended to stem the spread of the virus in the capital, in particular on the wearing of compulsory masks, the maintenance of a curfew, the stopping of working hours at 5pm and public transport at 7pm.

The situation in the other districts like Toamasina 1 and 2, Fénérive-est and Moramanga has improved. Indeed, the state decided to ease the restrictions by extending working hours until 5pm and those of public transport until 7pm. Exam classes in those four districts can go back to school from next Thursday. The curfew, on the other hand, is still kept, national roads are still closed and public meetings are still prohibited.

The national airline Air Madagascar is preparing for take-off, although the date and conditions for this take-off are unknown. It is not an announcement for reopening the sky for national and international flights. It is rather a preparation accompanied by a customer survey in the form of an online questionnaire to find out about their clients' travel plans, ticket conditions and a possible ideal period for resuming international travel.

27 June 2020: 135 new coronavirus cases in two days, of which 93 people were tested positive on 26th June alone. Of the 93, 11 positive cases are located in Antananarivo, 2 cases in Toamasina, 1 case on Sainte-Marie and 1 case in Fenoarivo Atsinanana. The location of the remaining 78 cases has not been indicated. In addition, 83 healings were recorded including 44 on 25th June and 39 on 26th June.

Currently, 1,045 people are being treated in various hospitals, care sites or, recently, at home. Conversely, there has been an increase in the number of severe forms in recent days. In fact, on 24th June there were 8 severe cases. On 25th June, 18 new people developed a serious form of the disease, bringing their total number to 26. Meanwhile, other patients had emerged from this phase of complication, reducing the number of severe forms to 20 yesterday. 862 people affected by the coronavirus have now recovered. The number of deaths remains at 16. The summary table of the Covid-19 Operational Command Center (OCC) shows a total of 1,922 confirmed cases.

23 June 2020: A 65-year-old man has died of the coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths to 15. In addition, 44 new cases and 37 cures were reported yesterday. The geographic locations of these infected cases have not been indicated yet. A total of 18,741 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since the start of the epidemic in Madagascar.

20 June 2020: 40 new cases and 35 cures, all new patients are located in Antananarivo and Toamasina. Although the number of infections is increasing, the number of cures rises as well. Of the 35 cured persons, 23 come from the Atsinanana region and 12 from Antananarivo. Since the start of the epidemic, the CCO has recorded 1,443 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 498 cures and 13 deaths in Madagascar. Currently 933 patients are being treated, including 6 serious forms.

11 June 2020: A 63-year old woman suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure died of COVID-19 in Toamasina, bringing the number of deaths caused by the virus to 10. As of yesterday, 24 new cases were confirmed and 296 patients cured, while 857 patients are still in treatment.

10 June 2020: The number of people infected by the coronavirus is rising in Toamasina. Out of the 44 new cases reported in Madagascar, 40 are located in Toamasina and 4 in Antananarivo. Over the last weeks, the virus seems to spread at an average of about 40 new cases a day in Toamasina. According to the shared statistics table on national TV on June 7, Madagascar carried out 14,106 coronatests, identifiying 1,138 confirmed cases of Covid-19, including 856 active forms, 274 healings and 9 deaths.

Coronavirus statistic 1.jpg

5 June 2020: 63 new confirmed coronavirus cases. 33 cases in Toamasina, 18 cases in Antananarivo, 5 cases in Moramanga, 2 cases in Manjakandriana, 1 case in Vontovorona, 1 case in Alakamisy Fenoarivo, 1 case in Ampanefy and 2 cases in the Analanjirofo region. Toamasina is still the hotspot of the virus, followed by Antananarivo.

In Toamasina, tensions get stronger between demonstrators and the police who are currently on mission at the east coast to watch over the implementation of measures to get COVID-19 under control. Groups of young people set up roadblocks and burnt tires in the port town. Police forces were attacked with stones and responded with tear gas and shots in the air. Criticism towards the government and president Rajoelina for the way of handling the crisis is growing louder.

3 June 2020: 11,954 people tested in total. 19 new cases of COVID-19, amongst them 5 in Toamasina, 5 in Fenoarivo Atsinanana, 2 in Antananarivo, 2 in Moramanga, 1 in Amparafaravola and 1 in Andilamena.

2 June 2020: 128 new coronavirus patients and 10 cured cases over the last May weekend. To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the state decided to isolate the strongly affected Atsinanana region on the east coast. Except for the transport of goods, no one has the right to enter or leave the region. Toamasina, the capital of the Antsinanana region, has the largest number of cases since the pandemic hit Madagascar. All so far recoreded deaths due to the coronavirus happened in Toamasina.

30 May 2020: The COVID-19 Operational Command Center reports 698 confirmed cases and 5 deaths. For the time being, Madagascar has not yet reached the peak of the pandemic. Antananarivo and Toamasina are considered the epicenter of the coronavirus, several other cities are now contaminated, too. Only the Antsiranana province is not affected.

After two months of confinement, now also the middle class faces cash flow problems as many companies have taken economic measures, in particular reducing staff or paying half the salary. Tension begins to emerge throughout the country. This week, protests began in particular in Toamasina and at certain universities.

27 May 2020: 586 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Madagascar, including 44 new ones announced yesterday. 437 patients are currently being treated, of which 6 (all in Toamasina) have a severe form of the disease. The healings counter stagnates at 147. In total, 9.340 tests were performed.

Facing the large number of confirmed Covid-19 contamination cases in Toamasina, the Malagasy Army has just adopted a new strategy to strengthen its commitments in the fight against this pandemic, as announced yesterday by General Jean Claude Randrianaivoarivelo. A unit to control the east coast, for example from Mananara to Farafangana, will be set up. The name of the unit is Zone Maritime Prioritaire d’Intervention -Est (ZMPI-Est) or Priority Maritime Zone of Intervention -East (ZMPI-East). A V13 boat is already operational in Sainte Marie to monitor the surroundings of this island up to Soanierana Ivongo. For the southeast coast, two zodiacs boats and a Tetras aircraft will be assigned.

Coronavirus statistic.jpg

20 May 2020: Tsaradia resumes cargo flights. Air Madagascar's subsidiary for domestic flights announces its first all-cargo flight since the start of the health crisis that has caused a closure of certain airports in the country, including Ivato International Airport. The first cargo flight with a carrying capacity of 5.5 tonnes is scheduled for Sunday, 24th May, connecting Antananarivo and Sambava.

19 May 2020: As of yesterday, there were 18 new confirmed cases of the virus, including 17 in Toamasina and 1 in Mahajanga (the first case in the "City of Flowers"). The detected person concerns a staff of the Ministry of Justice from Antananarivo, being currently on a mission in Mahajanga. At the time of writing, it has been reported that the person is asymptomatic.

16 May 2020: 18 new confirmed cases detected in Toamasina, one patient is in serious condition and attached to oxygen. On average, a sick person can contaminate three others when hygiene measures are not followed, such as keeping social distance, wearing a mouth mask, desinfect hands and coughing or sneezing into the elbow.

13 May 2020: 20 new confirmed Covid-19 cases in total, of which are 2 in Antananarivo, 3 in Moramanga and 15 in Toamasina. A look at the statistics shows that the port town of Toamasina is the hotspot of coronavirus cases, which totals 93 cases out of all the cases confirmed so far in the country. Toamasina currently has the largest number of cases still under treatment, unlike Antananarivo where the number of cured patients has already exceeded that of the patients still being treated in hospitals.

7 May 2020: 35 new confirmed cases, the largest daily report since the pandemic hit Madagascar in the middle of March. Of the 35 positive cases of coronavirus, including 22 in Antananarivo and 13 in Toamasina, 22 are asymptomatic while the other 13 have one or more symptoms of Covid-19. It seems the daily number of confirmed cases is skyrocketing.

With 22 new cases, Antananarivo has the largest number in the last 24 hours. Among them, two women aged 34 and 70 respectively in Soalandy Ankadivoribe, in the Antananarivo Atsimondrano district. The other 20 positive cases are all located in the Antananarivo Renivohitra district, including nine children under the age of 12.

13 new cases in Toamasina make the numbers rise quickly there, where several districts are affected now.

In total, the country currently has 193 confirmed cases among the 3,968 tests carried out since March 19, 2020. 92 people are currently being treated, while 101 patients have already been cured of Covid-19. The result of the test concerning a recently deceased person, with a strong suspicion of Covid-19, is expected shortly.

30 April 2020: No new cases were confirmed over the last days. 8 new patients recovered from the virus, 90 healed patients in total. The number of patients still in treatment dropped to 38. None of them has a severe form of the disease. Since 19th March 2020, 3,107 tests have been carried out, most of them on passengers on international or regional flights.

27 April 2020: People not following the governmental rule of wearing a face mask outdoors in the cities of Antananarivo, Fianarantsoa and Toamasina will face communitiy service. In Antananarivo, 25 people were sentenced on the spot and forced to sweep the capital's dusty streets.

No masks.jpg

25 April 2020: 1 new case and 1 cured.

24 April 2020: A 75 year old resident of Antananarivo region infected. 3 patients recovered today.

23 April 2020: ...

22 April 2020: ...

21 April 2020: No new cases today but 3 more recovered patients. 77 still in treatment.

20 April 2020: No new cases today but 2 healed persons. So far 41 patients have recovered with 80 still in treatment.

19 April 2020: The president announces a Covid-19 treatment by Malagasy researchers based on the locally produced plant Artemisia Annua. The new medicine is named Covid Organics and will be launched the next day. The medicine has been tested on some infected patients and has reportedly worked successfully. The department which discovered the medicine in relation COVID-19 is IMRA (Institut Malgache de Recherches Appliquées) which was founded by Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga who in 1975 originally introduced Artemisia plants in Madagascar. The use of Artemisia is also a recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective plant-based treatment against Malaria. There was one more infection case today. The president also summarised that out of the 121 cases to-date 57 were imported while 64 were contact cases within the country.

18 April 2020: 3 new infected cases today (120 in total). 2 healed persons (35 in total). 85 active cases. 2 of the infected persons were in Tana and 1 in Antsinanana.

17 April 2020: 6 more cases found, 117 infected in total. 3 in Antananarivo and 3 in Antsinanana (East). No healed persons, so 84 active cases. Air Madagascar announce suspension of flights to France until 11 May and to Mauritus until 4 May. The health minister announced that 2,152 PCS tests have been done in Madagascar. There are two types of coronavirus tests: The PCR test, where results are known after 6-15 hours and which is highly accurate, and a regular Corona 19 diagnostic test where results are known in 20 minutes but which is less accurate. Next week, 5,000 PCR diagnostic kits will arrive in Tana from South Korea along with various other equipment. The Malagasy government held a cabinet meeting in which it was decided to extend the national health emergency a further 15 days until 1 May 2020. Further announcements will be made in the coming weekend concerning current air and traffic restrictions.

16 April 2020: 1 new infected case today: a boy of 14 years in Toamasina and 4 more healed persons. So, 111 cases in total, 78 active and 33 healed.

15 April 2020: As of today, there have been 110 cases in total of which 29 are recovered. An average of 150 coronavirus tests are done every day in the country.

14 April 2020: 2 new confirmed cases were identified as a doctor and intern at Anosiala University Hospital. 2.7 tons of medical equipment received from Jack Ma Foundation.

13 April 2020: No new infected cases today and 1 recovered person. 85 left in treatment.

12 April 2020: 4 new cases found so 106 to-date. 8 persons recovered, bringing the currently active cases down to 86.

11 April 2020: No new cases today and one have 1 recovered from Antsiranana (Diego Suarez). 12 fully healed in total, so 90 left in treatment.

10 April 2020: 9 new infected persons today. 3 in Tana and 6 in Toamasina. 102 confirmed cases until today (noon). 91 in treatment (hospitalised) and 11 recovered already (as of 8th April)

9 April 2020: No further reports of infections or change to number of active cases today.

8 April 2020: 93 infected persons today (5 more including 1 from abroad). 11 recovered persons in total and 82 left in hospital for treatment. Former president Didier Ratsiraka donates 3,600,000 Ariary to thank all principal persons having helped and who are still helping in the crisis.

7 April 2020: There are 6 new contact cases today, 3 of them are localised in Toamasina. 88 persons have been infected in total. There are 5 fully recovered persons by today, so 7 healed persons in total to date. Many passenger begin to leave the capital for the countryside during the temporary lift on travel restrictions, causing chaos at the taxi-brousse station in Antananarivo (AFP/Yahoo News).

6 April 2020: There are 10 new cases of infection today. 3 of them are from outside the country and the rest were infected by contact. So, today there are 82 in total. 1 was found on Nosy Be island (Hell-Ville) and 2 in Tulear. Regional transport will reopen from tomorrow until Thursday, with very strict hygiene guidelines (limited number of passengers, completely disinfected cars, all passengers must wear a mouth guard).

5 April 2020: As of yesterday, the total number of confirmed cases was 72 (32 women, 40 men / 51 foreign arrivals, 21 domestic contact infections) and 0 deaths. 2 out of 72 confirmed patients are fully recovered. Most of the contact infections occurred in three regions: Analamanga (Tana), Haute Matsiatra (Fianarantsoa), and Antsinanana (Tamatave). All the measures under the existing restrictions on mobility continue to be valid until Saturday 18th April: 8pm-5am curfew, a pass permit is required when going outside to a shopping mall, school, church, leisure/exercise/entertainment/cultural facilities remain closed. All citizens are obliged to wear masks when going out and during working hours meetings of 50 or more people are prohibited. For workplaces with 50 or more permanent workers, the number of concurrent workers should be kept below 50. Workers must also wear masks and keep a distance of 1m or more. Regarding domestic flights, stopovers can only be made in areas where no infected person has yet occurred. Taxi-brousse operate only under the condition that hygiene measures are taken, such as wearing a mask for transit time for all passengers, listing passengers at the boarding point, providing a disinfecting gel in the vehicle, and disinfecting / washing passengers hands every stop.
Additional measures for Tana, Tamatave and Fianarantsoa: Prohibited to go outside unless absolutely necessary. Logistics transportation vehicles can pass freely except during curfew. Barriers were installed on the passageways between regions. It is mandatory to wear a mask when going out, and if you have to work, you must also wear a mask at the office.

4 April 2020: 1 new contact case was located in Toamasina today. In total, there were 71 infected persons identified in the 14 days of containment. The government continues to concentrate on helping people in difficulties and medical institutions, principally through the Fitia Association run by the first lady, Mialy Rajoelina. On Sunday, the president will inform the country about the result of the 14 days containment. According to rumors, the containment may continue for another 14 days. The awareness of the possible effective antiviral properties of ravintsara in fighting the coronavirus is resulting in a rising demand by pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Dr. Jean-Claude Ratsimivony, President and CEO of the JCR Group and expert in the field of alternative and traditional medicine, was interviewed by Midi Madagasikara on this subject.

3 April 2020: 6 new contact cases were found this morning (noon news) and 65 persons tested positive in total. Some of the 6 persons are in Toamasina. As the tests of people from outside of Madagascar were already completed, the authorities are now focusing on places and districts, like the Anatihazo Isotry of Antananarivo and Toamasina to find possible contact cases of the infected persons found this morning. 385 persons were in contact with infected persons in Isotry. The investigation continues to gather information of who all persons in contact with those infected were. Each person suspected of having been in contact with infected persons will be quarantined and tested soon. 237 tests were already completed and have negative results for the time being. Aquarelle factory (Aquarelle Group) is creating high-quality protection masks under the supervision of the president and government to be distributed at low cost. The government is also creating these masks for the protecting personnel working in prevention. 52 people in total who are infected come from abroad. From now on, the focus of the work is on finding possible contact cases. The evening news reports 70 infected persons in total (including 5 contact cases in Tana and 6 in Fianarantsoa). Fianarantsoa begins a partial confinement as of today. All declared positive corona cases are in treatment. No death from corona has occurred yet. The president will declare on Sunday the decision about the next steps. As it will be the end of the 14 days of confinement, it will be known if it will be necessary to continue or stop the confinement. The SAVA region declares no infection cases at a press conference in Sambava.

2 April 2020: The tests of people having arrived from outside Madagascar was completed today. Among the 3,162 persons from outside the country who ended their quarantine today, 12 previously infected and now fully recovered patients were included. The number of infection cases in the country since the first case was recorded is 59 with so far no fatalities. The price of basic necessities (rice, sugar...) will rise due to trade routes between the capital and the provinces being disrupted. The government is searching for solutions. A sailboat was intercepted off the coast of Nosy Lava (near Nosy Be) with 14 passengers (5 Malagasy and 9 foreigners). None were infected by the coronavirus. They left Nosy Be on 28th March and have now been ordered to return to the island as the borders are closed.

1 April 2020: The government, President Andry Rajoelina and his wife, some Chinese, Indian and Arabic representatives, individuals, company owners etc., are helping poor people, street vendors, newspapers sellers... They distributed food and money for taxi drivers, sex-workers, bus drivers and other people who are very poor and vulnerable and who can't work because of the coronavirus lockdown. A CCO (Centre de commandement opérationnel) is opened on Nosy Be island with Prime Minister Ntsay. They are starting the check and take care of possibly infected persons of COVID-19 on the island. Chloroquine (one of the medications that can heal COVID-19) is now in pharmacies but cannot be used by the general public as the medication is distributed only into hospitals. There are total 58 persons confirmed with coronavirus in the country as of today. The government is working hard to control the pandemic because there are already, within the 58, some contact cases which is very dangerous. The President repeats that it is very important to stay at home and not search for or visiting family members. A woman who is infected has escaped her confinement.

31 March 2020: There are now 50 infected cases in total. About 1,200 persons were tested today (persons suspected and placed in quarantine during 14 days: 7 of them were confirmed positives). In those 50 persons, one of them are in Diego-Suarez. The rest received a certificate of health and can leave quarantine now. The sick persons are already in treatment.

30 March 2020: A second contact case diagnosed. A driver-guide of a tourist visiting the country between 13th and 19th March. The tourist visited Antananarivo, Antsirabe and Andasibe. His itinerary was broadcast by the government and republished in L'Express (English). Today the number of cases increased by three and the total number of confirmed cases is 46. Two of the new cases are from Tamatave and one from Fianarantsoa. The President evaluated South Korea as having the best practice against coronavirus and mentioned they will be a role model. (BBC report). Test-kits arrive in Sambava.

29 March 2020: The number of confirmed cases are 43, which are all among the group of contained passengers in Tana on the last few incoming flights, although one was found in Fianarantsoa.

28 March 2020: The number of confirmed cases are 28 (Vaovao TV).

27 March 2020: 3 people received confirmation of infection and the total number of patients increased to 26, including two people from foreign countries and a first domestic infection due to contact with the infected persons. A social media user is wanted for spreading misinformation. Institut malgache des recherches appliquées (Madagascan Institute for Applied Research) finds a drug to prevent coronavirus according to a news report in Madagascar Tribune (English).

Madagascar Coronavirus 010.jpg

26 March 2020: 25,000 coronavirus fast testing kits for which results can be obtained in minutes arrived from China yesterday night in the first wave of medical equipment from the Jack Ma Foundation. The 3,500 passengers on all flights arriving in the country since 14th March will receive priority testing before their obligatory containment period ends on the 4th April. A second cargo plane with more equipment is expected today. A woman returning from an affected country was located at a hotel in Vohemar yesterday and although the person does not have symptoms she is ordered to remain in her hotel room for 14 days and not make contact with anyone. Ten other people who returned from France and Mauritus are in the SAVA region and quarantined in their homes. So far hospitals in the region are not equipped to carry out coronavirus tests, so evaluations are based on the number of days of health. Meanwhile, public announcement are made from campaign cars driving around towns of the SAVA region recommending residents to stay at home as much as possible. Many farmers living in small surrounding villages choose to move to huts on their fields, not only to safeguard their crops as they often do throughout the vanilla growing season but also to avoid risk of coronavirus exposure, although the closest confirmed case to date is in Tamatave, which is over 500km overland and which cannot be reached by road or air at this time.

Madagascar Coronavirus 006.jpg

25 March 2020: Health controls are set up along the roads between the major towns across the SAVA region and at shipping ports and at Sambava airport. A doctor, nurses and gendarmerie check travellers temperatures. No cases have been detected in the region. Low-cost markets within communities across the country will be established on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the poorest populations. Social distancing measures are to be respected at these markets.

24 March 2020: People in Sambava are more calm today than yesterday. French people having arrived on one of the last incoming passenger flights to Madagascar were located in Sambava, among them one man placed under supervision in the local hospital but without reported symptoms. Madagascar National Parks have been closed from 23rd March until 5th April. The Centre de commandement opérationnel Covid-19 (Covid-19 Operational Command Center) open at Ivato's Mining Business Center near the capital. (Email / 24-hour phone: +261 (0)34 05 503 60.)

Madagascar Coronavirus 008.jpg

23 March 2020: 14 new cases of coronavirus bringing the total number to 17 confirmed cases. State of Health Emergency is declared for 15 days, to be reevaluated as the situation evolves. Affected regions are Antananarivo and Tamatave. Stop of public transport and confinement of the people in these provinces is announced along with a curfew between 8pm and 5am. Transport to and from affected areas limited to health professionals and other essential personnel including press organisations. Transport of goods are exempt. Health controls placed outside the capital and around major cities of the country. Tracking of all passengers having arrived in Madagascar since 14th March begins. 23 passengers who arrived on one of the last incoming flights from France remain unaccounted for and need to be checked since some passengers may carry the virus. Reports of a Malagasy air passenger having arrived in Antalaha, initially on a flight from France to Tana, are among infected passengers which raise fears across the SAVA region. The person is in self-isolation but have not showed symptoms. Offices, vanilla processing facilities and many shops in Sambava, Antalaha and Vohemar close. Banks, supermarkets and other essential services remain open with banks letting one customer in at the time.

Madagascar Coronavirus 011.jpg

21 March 2020: Three cases of coronavirus infected passengers were detected arriving on separate flights on 17th, 18th and 19th March from France, with one of the infected passing through Mauritius. These passengers are in treatment and all passengers on the same flights in quarantine. Schools around the country have been ordered to suspend lessons for 14 days.

Madagascar Coronavirus 001.jpg

20 March 2020: Madagascar closes its borders for incoming and outgoing passenger air travel. Hotels on Nosy Be close and many hotel workers lost their jobs, resulting in a wave of crime and security problems on the island which rely heavily on tourism. The situation is tense. The Tourism Minister announces at a meeting with hotel operators on Nosy Be that the travel ban will last for 90 days (previously reported in media 30 days).

Madagascar Coronavirus 007.jpg

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